Oct 10, 2012 11:27AM

Watch: Susie Bubble Interview Donatella Versace

"What is tacky? What is chic?"

If you didn't already love her (what's wrong with you?), you will after watching this. Susie Bubble interviewed Queen Donatella Versace during Milan Fashion Week, and the unlikely pair discussed all manner of things — from the SS13 Versace collection and to the way bloggers write, which Donatella calls "non-bourgeois and unexpected," to the colour of her hair, which she chose because "blonde is more extreme and I like extreme." 

Nodding overzealously as Donatella riffs about her love of online shopping (she's just like us!), Susie eventually comes to the cliff-hanger question: "How do you feel when people think of Versace, and think maybe it's a little bit tacky, or there's a bit of bad taste involved? Do you see those as good things?" Donatella is surprisingly cool on this point. She is Donatella fucking Versace after all — what does she care if people think she's tacky? 'Tacky' for her is like oxygen, or another word for 'best ever'. As she puts it, "First of all, a reaction is a good thing anyway. The people who struggle are the ones with no reactions at all, so I mean, they're too safe. Tacky, never mind — what is tacky? What is chic?" 
The brand new bestie of Lady Gaga has mentioned her love of Style Bubble before, in a campaign video as part of Versace's collaboration with H&M. Susie got pretty excited over the mere mention of her own name back then, so you can imagine how psyched she would be to interview the supreme blonde IRL.

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