Jun 11, 2014 1:54PM

Watch: That Kanye West New Testament Thing Is REAL

Kind of…

T'was only last week we were giving shit to some marketing trolls who attempted to prank the world into believing there was a Yeezy project called New Testament in the works. Turn out there is, kind of. It's an independently-made documentary and it's a compendium of Kanye West quotes via audio visuals. It goes for half an hour and it just came out.

"LOL at the haunting strings in the background," you'll say two minutes in, as historical shots of natural disasters, sports victories, baptisms, statues and people on motorbikes run slow-mo across the screen. But give it 20 minutes and you'll be in a trance of self-motivation that you may never full emerge from. Then you'll die in 7 days. Pass it on!