Jan 22, 2017 4:08AM

Watch The 'Broad City' Legends Deal With Real Inauguration Feels In Mini Episode

"It is about to get 'I Am Legend' up in here!"
While the world was bracing itself for Mr Ding Dong's inauguration, our literal best mates Abbi and Ilana were working on a mini episode to bring a little bit of lol and heaps of beeps to the situation.
Of course Abbi is trapped in a elevator after a trip to get her moustache lasered off, and Ilana can't effing believe it. "It is about to get I Am Legend up in here, You're going to need those pubes for warmth," she explains. "Moustaches are gunna be currency soon." 
Despite being separated for this unnatural disaster, they express their deepest trump anxieties via Facetime. Actually something they'd prob be doing even if they were in the same room.
"People are just gonna be grabbin' shit! We're gonna have to wear cups now! People are just gonna be peeing on other people now," Abbi screams. "I'm foaming at the mouth now."
When it's all over, but the world isn't, they continue doing normal things like Google how to Google their local representatives.
Photo: Broad City

Hayley Morgan