Apr 06, 2017 6:22AM

Watch The First Full Trailer For 'Master Of None' Season 2

Good times.
Hilarious man, and holder of very impressive slang vocabulary, Aziz Ansari, is coming back with a new season of Master of None. We got a small teaser last month, that essentially showed nothing but Aziz and Eric Wareheim fangin' on scooters. This time, we get a little more.
Though there's no room for dialogue above the majestic soundtrack, but what we do see is a montage of good times scenes: bike rides, drinks, dates, more dates, fountains, cheese tasting, DJing, throwing leaves of faces, high fives and jumping into pools fully clothed. This series looks set to be very feel good… at least until there's a scene of Aziz pressing his forehead into a glass window in a pretty neg way.
Master of None hits Netflix on May 12.
Photo & GIF: IMDb, Tumblr

Hayley Morgan