Aug 15, 2012 9:59AM

Watch: The Trailer for Lady Gaga's Fame Fragrance

Says, "I'm so happy you like it, that shiz was expensive."
Are those... egg yolks?

Lady Gaga has tweeted the official trailer for her fragrance, Fame. Directed by past collaborator Steven Klein (he shot the video for 'Alejandro' and has a client list including Madonna, Britney and the late Alexander McQueen), it is a 30-second stint of subtlety and understatement. Kidding! In which universe would that be true of Lady G? 

In actuality, the budget and production value of this trailer might rival that of a Spielberg film (she commented on the video, "I'm so happy you like it, that shiz was expensive"), with token futuristic decadence, industrial aesthetics and high-drama aural accompaniments. The video features mostly dark and sinister hues (as well as lashings of leather and nudity), which makes sense seeing as Fame is the world's first-ever black perfume. For real.