Apr 04, 2017 4:52AM

Watch The Trailer For The 'Girlboss' Series Based On Nasty Gal's Founder

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Sophia Amoruso casually built the multi-million dollar empire Nasty Gal by age 28. A pretty unique story at the time, Sophia then went on the write the best seller called #Girlboss that's now being turned into a pretty sassy Netflix series.
The first trailer has been released, and it's got all the suspense and social scene drama of your fav trashy series Gossip Girl, mixed with the creative flair of Project Runway. Incredible.
The series will follow Sophia's humble beginnings as a flipper of hot vintage clothes on eBay, which then turns sour due to hate from her online community. Her parents want her to come home but she's all like "F it, I'm not Little J anymore" and begins putting together looks for her own store — Nasty Gal.
Since it's based on the book, which was written before Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy, it isn't likely that the series will take that journey. Still, there's plenty of promised commotion for those who can hate watch through it.
Girlboss starts streaming April 21.
Photo: Netflix

Hayley Morgan