Jun 14, 2016 10:53AM

Watch Thom Yorke Gatecrash Neighbour's Party To Play A Surprise Gig

♫ That's when good neighbours become good friends ♫

Thom Yorke just made his neighbour's life a thousand times better by rolling in hot to play an impromptu acoustic set at their garden party over the weekend. Way to usurp Home Improvement's Wilson as the kindliest neighbour in history, Thom

Drinking vino from a plastic wine glass with his hair billowing in the wind, the Radiohead frontman looked as blissed out as humanly possible while playing a 30-minute gig for the good people of Oxfordshire. 

Videos of the magical gathering have surfaced online after some legend posted a message from his dad to Reddit saying: "in Oxford at [a] garden party with Suzie's neighbours, about to hear entertainment from neighbour Tom York of Radiohead!" Majorly kooked it on the spelling, but we've never wanted to be someone else's dad more in our whole lives. 

According to the Redditor, Thom's set list included "Desert Island Disk, No Surprises, Street Spirit (plus others, bless my father for running around asking people)". Can't even.

Die of jealousy (/frustration that they didn't record the whole thing) below: 

Photo: Imgur

Madeleine Woon