Oct 18, 2016 10:49AM

Watch Werner Herzog Go 'Into The Inferno' For Real In Trailer For Netflix Newie

Fire starter.

Are ya'll ready for a new nature doco created by one of the biggest auteurs alive? Well prepare your bodies because Werner Herzog is about to deep dive into the world's hottest topic in new Netflix documentary, Into The Inferno.

Old mate Werner and co-director/volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer travelled to Antarctica, Ethiopia, North Korea and Iceland to suss out some of the world's most lit volcanoes. The resulting documentary is equal parts visually epic and existential crisis with it's exploration of the "engulfing doom" presented by this natural phenomenon.

"It is a fire that wants to burst forth and it couldn't care less about what we're doing up here," Werner says over hectic shots of active volcanoes.

Feel small via the first trailer:

Into The Inferno will be available on Netflix from October 28.

Photo: Netflix

Lucy Jones