May 02, 2016 3:15PM

Why We'll Always Bless The Ground Donatella Versace Walks On

Versace, Versace.

Fact: it's Donatella Versace's world and we're all just lucky to live in it. But did you know that the One Diva To Rule Them All turns 60 today? Well, she does! May the sky open up and pour down shirtless men/buckets of diamonds on your special day, girl. 

There's very few people in farshun who've blazed the trail quite as hard/glamorously as Donatella has. The haute mess (in the best way possible), serious business woman, and true visionary behind her family's namesake Italian powerhouse is one of life's great treasures. So to help call in her big 6-0, we take a look back on just a few reasons why everyone should bow down and worship the ground her 6-inch-heeled, bedazzled feet walk on. 

If you subscribe to the theory that you can tell a lot about a person based on who their friends are, Donatella is probably the greatest person on the planet to be around.

Kate and Naomi think so.

As did Prince (RIP <3).

Lil Kim, Missy Elliot and Rose McGowan too. 

Fellow slayers Mariah & Bey are all for the Don. 

And nothing in life will ever compare to this moment:


Even her dog Audrey is much more fabulous than any of us will ever be. 

"You have to understand that Audrey is not a dog. She's my best friend… Audrey is a Versace woman. She's very comfortable around the cameras. I don't know why," were actual words that once came out of DV's mouth. "She's very fashionable. She loves model fittings, she loves to see the girls in the clothes. She walks on their trains sometimes."

Audrey's life is also much more fulfilling than ours. 

Donatella is art. 

And she really knows how to live life to its fullest. 

Even when she's participating in charitable causes, Don Don adds that touch of Versace class.

Sometimes she's also a regular person just like us. 

Remember when she doubled down on the diva and reviewed her soulmate Mimi's album? They truly belong together. 

Continuing to prove her ear for music is as flawless as her eye for fashion is, Don is also a fan of ya gurl Grimes. 

And she's a true believer in the fact that more is more. Always. 

Especially when it comes to perfume.

Maya Rudolph's impersonations of DV on SNL were the gifts that will never stop giving. 

Amirite, beb?

Donatella can always be relied on to call a spade a spade. 

Never change, darls!

Photos and GIFs:, @donatellaversace, GIPHY

Madeleine Woon