Apr 10, 2013 5:30PM

Win Our Top Ten Need Supply Co. Picks!

$1000 worth of want.

Online shopping is my favourite sport. I love trawling through hundreds of pages of product and creating a dream shopping basket which I would only ever be able to afford if I were to marry Donald Trump or invent some sort of stupid social media app which would make me a millionaire. 

The other night I spent a good few hours lurking the shit out of Need Supply Co. to put together my top ten edit of the best stuff on the site. In what should be exciting news if you like owning great things and fresh fashions, you have the chance to win all ten items! I repeat for emphasis, ALL TEN ITEMS. (They're also all on OhLike if you feel like getting lost in a sea of internet amazing).

Check out our picks below and enter at the bottom of the post. #frothing.

1. New Balance 996 Green Sneakers (above — worth $140)
You can be really lazy with the rest of what you're wearing — I'm talking inside-out shirt, stained jeans — if you chuck these bad boys on.

2. The Picnic In Tan Bag by Marie Turnor (worth $175)
In my youth I was a massive fan of canteen lunches so it's no wonder I enjoy the existence of this fashion accessory. The only thing that's missing is a carton of chocolate milk and a Chiko roll, but I'm sure this can be arranged.

3. Triangle Insert Soft-Cup Bra by Lonely (worth $39.99)
This is great and it's on sale. All signs point to yes (this is how my mind works).

4. Land by Land Candle: Gardenia (worth $42)
When people see this candle visually merchandised in your house they will think, "now there's a real life adult who I want to be associated with."

5. Vicerys Necklace (worth $34)
Because of this.

6. Casper Penfield Hat in Camo (worth $40)
Great for hiding in bushes.

7. College Kitsune Tee (worth $99)
This t-shirt will make you appear bilingual and therefore twice as attractive as everyone around you. Science.

8. Zoe Brogue by Miista (worth $146)
A valid reason to stare at your feet during social situations.

9. SS Senoritas Button Down by Gitman Brothers Vintage (worth $180)
This shirt contains the following desirable elements: roses, cacti, swords and hot chicks in sombreros. The kind of man who wears it probably has great facial hair and a well-stocked liquor cabinet along with an endearing sensitive side.

10. Lover Jacket (worth $78)
The perfect opportunity to do double denim in a good way, not in a Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake 2001 American Music Awards way.

This competition is now closed.