Aug 05, 2013 2:37PM

Wood Wood AW13 'The Club'

This is a club we want to be part of.
Danish label Wood Wood know a thing or two about streetwear. Designers Brian SS Jensen and Karl-Oskar Olsen met on the graffiti scene and they've kept their sportswear-inspired steez, evolving it into a high fashion brand. In their AW13 offering, 'The Club', Wood Wood have let themselves be inspired by New York, and the various subcultures therein. As a result, the collection is as diverse as the city itself. Demure embroidered dresses meet wind-breaker work wear, beanies sit side by side with tailored shirting and the whole thing somehow works. Plus, who doesn't want a scarf that simply says "fuck"? This is a club worth joining.
Photography: Hasse Nielsen
Hair and Makeup: Trine Skjøth
Models: Frederik @ Elite, Emma, Lisa Emilie, Phillip @ Unique, Shami, Martin, Kriss, Martine @ Scoop, Katherine @ Gossip
Jewellery: Line&Jo