Dec 19, 2014 1:50PM

Xmas With UV Boi فوق بنفسجي [A Playlist]

He's playing at Xmas Weekender this weekend!

Future Classic's XMAS WEEKENDER is happening this weekend — tonight in Melbourne and tomorrow in Sydney — and it's going to be about a million times funner than any Christmas party you've been to so far this silly season. The lineup includes HWLS, Nudus, Lido, SOPHIE MSMSMSM and our fave ever boi, UV Boi. He filled in our imaginary dating profile last month and now he's made us a festive Christmas playlist. Press play, then open a new tab and go book your tickets! Merry Xmas!

'Thank u (Re-strapped)'

Wet — 'Dreams'

Kilter – 'Hold Me' (feat. YOUTH)

Bad Bad Not Good — 'Flashing Lights'

MTNS — 'Fears'

Tennyson — 'For You'

Ryan Hemsworth — 'Snow In Newark' (feat. Dawn Golden)

Lucas — 'Best I Ever'

'Jingle Bells'

Bangs — 'Christmas Story'

Photo: @uvboi 

Emily Royal