Dec 01, 2013 9:06PM

You Can Print GIFs Now

The internet just got real.

Delicious GIFs. You've probably shared them online a million times, but imagine if you could share them IRL. Like, as a gift — the gift of GIF. "Ho hum," says you, "that would just be a hologram." To which we say, "No!" because this is different. This is the future. People have tried and FAILed to make gifs IRL before, with mixed results. There's already this thing called a Giphoscope, but it involves the use of a hand crank and we are lazy.

What we're vibing on is called Gifpop! and they've just reached their kickstarter goals, meaning that pretty soon, you'll be able to buy their GIFs in the form of a custom card that harnesses the magic of lenticular printing.

It's the same technique that made your childhood holograms move when you viewed them from different angles, but instead of having just two frames, these card-GIFs will have 10, which will make them pretty great to look at, especially given the fact that they'll be custom print outs of the online GIFs we know and love. The start up's GIF cards will be going for between $10 — $18 and will also be selling the work of GIF artists like 89-A and Davidope, which is nice.

As co-creator Rachel Binx told Bloomberg, “It’s a relatively old and relatively straightforward technology,” adding “but the magic for us is that we get to see these GIFs out in the real world.” It's a low-tech meets low-tech match made in heaven. Just think of the possibilities! Pug pushing pram could be your new bedroom poster. This cat and creepy sloth could be your new fridge magnet.

Plus, less people in the following pickle: