Aug 11, 2014 1:04PM

YouTube Stars Are Officially More Popular Than Celebrities

Panic; the youth are rejecting Hollywood.
Looks like the youth of today, whipper-snappers that they are — have had enough of Hollywood and the glamourous, excessive realness it's been serving. Teenagers in the US at least. Variety recently conducted a study, where they found that the five most influential figures for tiny grown-ups aged 13-18 are all YouTube guys, not IRL celebrities. The number one spot was awarded to an unfunny 26-year-old comedy duo called Smosh, who we had never heard of until now. *eyeballs are bleeding*
Another ~wacky~ YouTube duo, the Fine Bros come in a close second and third place goes to a Swedish video gamer called PewDiePie — proving irrevocably that the human race is doomed. The study found that the aforementioned YouTube bros were ranked higher than traditional celebrities in a number of areas. Young people found them more "engaging, extraordinary and relatable," than mainstream stars, although actors/musicians were since as smarter and more reliable. Cool story, teens. Grow up. On the plus side, the story essentially proves that celebrity endorsements are stupid and should be banned.