Jul 30, 2014 10:17AM

Zachary Cole Smith On Addiction, Arrest & Sky Ferreira

“I fucked up her life.”
In a recent feature on music site Stereogum, DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith spoke openly about his band, childhood and notably, about his arrest last year for heroin possession. Blaming himself for his girlfriend, Sky Ferreira's charges in relation to the event, the sometimes model believes he's responsible for her loss of job contracts and frequent drug rumours. Here's some standout quotes from the remarkably forthcoming interview with Zachary, who says he hasn't beaten drugs "because I don't know if anybody can, but I'm doing my best.” Honesty is the best policy, as they say.
On the fallout from his arrest with Sky Ferreira
"I fucked up, and it was entirely my fault, and I fucked up my girlfriend's life. She literally didn't do anything wrong. She basically was just a passenger in the car with a person who was out of control for a minute. She got in deep shit...Her career got really fucked up because everybody thought she was a drug addict, which she's absolutely not. That's the worst part of it for me is that I really fucked her over. If somebody mentioned DIIV, they wouldn't hum the song, they'd be like, 'Oh yeah, the guy who got pulled over driving a stolen car with heroin in it.' I really hate that."
On addiction:
"I've always struggled with various addictions throughout my life….I've spent a lot of time in therapy and in rehab and different stuff that's helped me learn how to handle it on my own, but they don't really offer resources for how to talk to the general public about it. I know how to involve my girlfriend and my mom and my friends in my recovery, but when it comes down to the general public, it just gets reduced down to, like, 'You fucking junkie, I hope you fucking OD.' I can't say, 'No, I'm totally clean and sober.' Like anything, it's a little more complicated."
On being in the public eye:
"I feel like both my girlfriend and I, this thing happens where no matter what we say, people tend to instantly hate us when we say it…It just feels really bad to know that people hate you."
Photos: Sandy Kim